Monday, April 4, 2011


March 26th City of Franklin
A 37-year-old Illinois man, who was staying at a nearby motel, called police and reported he spent $1,000 on lap dances from two dancers at the On the Border Gentlemen's Club. The man told police that the women promised him they would come to his hotel room later that morning for private lap dances "on the house" but they never showed up and he felt cheated.

March 30th City of Waupun
Police responded to an alarm at the Dollar General store on Main Street. Responding officers found the alarm was triggered by a stray decorative balloon.

March 27th City of Waupun
A woman at the Waupun Citgo said a female pulled up with a baby in the back seat and the baby's hat was covering it's face. She thought police should investigate.

March 25th City of Beaver Dam
A 19-year-old woman on Walnut Street called police to report that her mother-in-law had some of her DVDs and is at work and the woman wanted to watch them now.

March 29th City of Stevens Point
Police were called to Ben Franklin Junior High School where two 13-year-old boys were fighting over whether or not "rednecks suck".

April 1st City of Fond du Lac
An East Second Street resident called 911 to report a fire at his home. The caller told the dispatcher a friend had called him and told him there was smoke coming out of a second story window. Upon arrival at the home, police and fire crews found nothing. That's when the friend called the homeowner back and told him it was an April Fool's joke.

March 12th Village of Howard
A 33-year-old woman was found wearing only her underwear on Tulip Lane. The suspect allegedly drank a few beers, two shots of tequila and a Red Bull with vodka earlier at an area bar. The woman drove her car, got out and damaged the outside property of three nearby businesses on Alta Street while taking her clothes off along the way.

March 31st City of Shawano
Police received a call from a resident indicating that someone on South Franklin Street has a video tape of their birthday party and they are now threatening to put it on You Tube.

March 18th City of Glendale
A 16-year-old girl was arrested for fighting with another girl at Nicolet High School. The fight started after a verbal argument over the correct way to spell and pronounce "twelfth."

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