Monday, April 18, 2011


April 14th City of Shawano
Authorities received a report of a DNR violation concerning a Tigerton man who, after seeing a bear hit by a car on US 45, picked up the bear and took it to his home to make sure it was okay. A DNR official cautioned the man about the dangers of giving rides to injured bears.

April 8th City of Wauwatosa
A 50-year-old woman nearly struck a security guard's vehicle with her van for the second time in the past few days. During the first incident, her car stalled just before she struck him. The second time, her car came to a stop close to the vehicle and she shouted and waved her arms at the guard before backing up and parking. She told officers that the security guard's vehicle was equipped with a device that turns her car on and off and that it was making her angry. She said the Milwaukee Police Department plays the same tricks on her with its patrol cars.

March 31st City of Menasha
A man reported that he was fishing at Jefferson Park when an unidentified male in his mid-20s approached him and asked for a dollar. The man who was fishing didn't have his wallet with him and the suspicious male left the scene...only to return later and push the man into the water.

April 5th City of Oak Creek
Police were called to a West Sycamore Avenue location where school children were drawing likenesses of genitalia on the sidewalk with chalk.

April 2nd City of Muskego
A woman called police to report that when she looked outside her home, a man urinating on her lawn smiled at her and waved.

April 15th City of Stevens Point
A caller on First Street called police to report that boys her son did not get along with were outside their residence lobbing burritos at their house.

April 5th Village of Fox Point
A 75-year-old man was cited for violation of a sign ordinance after he put up signs in his front yard making negative comments about his neighbors.

April 1st City of Brown Deer
Police pulled over a 41-year-old man with the intent of giving him a warning for speeding 53 mph in a 40 mph zone. While writing the warning, the officer routinely asked the man if he had been drinking, to which he replied, "Obviously." A breathalyzer followed with the man blowing a .153 and was arrested.

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