Tuesday, May 31, 2011


May 24th Shawano County
The Shawano County Sheriff’s Department responded to a report from the Waupaca County Sheriff's Office about a Clintonville man who they say keeps calling their office to ask them to do something about his daughter-in-law who he claims abandoned her pot-bellied pig. Shawano County Deputies were dispatched to the man’s home to tell him to stop calling.

May 10th City of Chilton
Police assistance was requested by an elderly woman being harassed by a muskrat.

May 20th City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report from an employee of Kritter Kuts Beauty Shop that there was a man sleeping in their flower bed.

May 10th City of Neenah
A 52-year-old East Wisconsin Avenue woman told police that while on her walk, a man riding a bicycle passed her three or four times and at one point yelled out "vulgar compliments".

May 22nd City of Oshkosh
A 67-year-old woman on Mason Street was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and battery after she allegedly hit her husband in the knee with a club and may have wrapped a cord around his neck. According to police, the two were having an argument over a television show.

May 22nd City of Menasha
Police were called to a Ahnaip Street residence where a woman reported that her neighbor has just mowed their lawn and some of the grass clipping landed on her side of the property line. The responding officer instructed the offender to pick up the clippings from her neighbor's yard.

May 20th City of Beaver Dam
Employees at ShopKo called police to report that a man came into the store and was yelling at employees. He told the employees he was going to "karate chop" a psychiatrist before leaving in a silver SUV with Florida license plates.

May 21st City of Beaver Dam
Police received an anonymous report that there were girls in bikinis who were walking up and down the street near the intersection of Madison and Curie streets. The man was told that walking in bikinis is not illegal.




Phoenix, Arizona police arrested a man they believe shot at a grounded airplane parked at Deer Valley Airport early Sunday.

Police say Randon Reid, 26, fled the airport about 1:30 a.m. after officers heard gunfire in the area while on patrol.

Friday, May 27, 2011


We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Weenie of the Week...Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt who was the driving force behind the purchase and construction of Elvis' favorite roller coaster for Bay Beach. However, after spending over 3 million dollars to bring the Zippin' Pippin to Green Bay, Schmitt and his team miscalculated how much power it would use resulting in the roller coaster blowing a fuse on it's second day of operation leaving a full load of riders stuck on board.


For being no stranger to coming up short.

For building a roller coaster that has the exact same problem he has as mayor...not enough power to get the job done.

For taking Elvis Presely's favorite roller coast, and making it look like "a hunka hunka burnin' junk. I said a hunka hunka burnin' junk, I said a hunka hunka burnin' junk".

We are proud to name Green Bay Mayor and Zippin' Pimp, Jim Schmitt as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


See Tyler Boeh through Saturday night at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton. Hear Tyler Boeh Friday morning at 8 on the Rick and Len Show!

Tonight is WAPL night at Skyline. You can make reservations by calling 920-734-JOKE or on-line. You should mention it's WAPL Night on the phone or enter WAPL where it says "coupon" on the check-out page when ordering tickets here at the new Skyline website.

It's comedy! It's beat-boxing! It's FUNNY! It's Tyler Boeh at the Skyline!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The 3rd Annual Veterans Ride is coming up on Saturday, June 11th at the VFW in New London.

Registration is from 9 to 11 a.m. and the ride starts at 11:30. The ride is 150 miles with three stops for food and gas. The party follows at the New London VFW, 305 E. Becker Rd.

There's also a raffle for a 2011 Harley Fat Bob and several cash prizes. Tickets are just $20 and only 1500 will be sold. Click here or call 920-982-9971 for information. You can also buy raffle tickets at Doc's Harley Davidson of Shawano. All proceeds benefit the VFW National Home for displaced children, the Old Glory Honor Flight and the local VFW.

Listen to The Rick and Len Show for a chance to win a raffle ticket.


The new Zippin' Pippin roller coaster debuted at Bay Beach this weekend...until it blew a fuse on Sunday afternoon and left riders stranded for a while. It was then shut down until they could get a larger transformer. Here are some other signs...


If it's slower than George W. Bush doing long division...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

If it goes up and down fewer times than Rick's zipper at a week long orgy...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

If it has fewer twists and turns than a drive across Nebraska...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

If it's as likely to leave you stranded as a 3 hour tour on the S.S. Minnow...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

If it offers fewer thrills than a romantic weekend with Zsa Zsa Gabor...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

If it spends more time at a stand-still than you in your morning commute on an icy morning on Highway 41...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

If it's fuse has been blown more times than a Motley Crue roadie...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

If it elicits fewer squeals of delight than a male stripper at Melissa Etheridge concert...your Pippin might not be Zippin'.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Listen to The Rick and Len Show all this week for your chance to play the Budget Battle Game, brought to you by The Meat Block in Greenville. You could win $100 in cash and a gift card for great meat, seafood, cheese and wine from The Meat Block, located at Lily of the Valley Drive and Highway 15. And if you are closest to the Budget Battle budget without going over, you'll pocket the end of week jackpot, which is a minimum of $500!
You're also invited to stop at The Meat Block this week to register to win a $100 gift card!
If there's two things Rick and Len love, it's giving away money...and MEAT!


CALLING ALL AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS! Go on, take your best shot. It could be worth a National Geographic Expeditions trip for two to Alaska, Morocco, or Bhutan!

Send National Geographic your photos in any of the six categories for your chance to win. Energizer Batteries will also show off the winning photo in an ad in the December issue of National Geographic magazine. For more info and to enter just click here!

Maybe Brian from Darboy, who took this awesome photo on last year's WAPL International Incident trip, should enter!


May 17th City of Stevens Point
A resident on Sunset Boulevard called police to report receiving a bag of urine in the mail.

May 15th City of Stevens Point
A 21-year-old Oshkosh man was cited with disorderly conduct after admitting to pushing a woman down on her bed and urinating on her walls.

April 29th City of Green Bay
Police responded to an accident on the fourth floor of the Cherry Street parking ramp. The woman left the scene when officers arrived but was later cited for drunken driving after she was found at a nearby nightclub. While she was handcuffed in the back of the police car, the woman offered to have sex with the arresting officer.

May 18th Town Of Burnett
A 72-year-old man told Dodge County Sheriff's Department deputies that someone left a note in his mailbox threatening to spray a weed killer on his asparagus patch.

May 10th City of Glendale
Police responded after a large trampoline was blown about 30 feet in the air and got stuck in a pine tree.

May 13th City of Germantown
Two 18-year-old men were arrested for shoplifting and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver at Walmart. The men had accidentally dropped the bag of marijuana while shoplifting at the store. The men were arrested after returning the store to look for their marijuana.

May 13th City of Brookfield
A 52-year-old woman was told not to return to the Splendid Salon, after an altercation with a hairstylist. The stylist called police after the woman, who was upset about her haircut, stood on the sidewalk outside the salon and made obscene gestures at the business.

May 10th City of Franklin
Someone rigged the latch on the garage door of a home on West Sharon Lane so it would not close properly. Then, sometime during the night, they entered the garage and ate an entire bag of chocolates.


This hat worn by Princess Beatrice to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton may look like a giant pretzel on her head, but it just sold for more than $131,000 at a charity auction.
A bit of advice from the Rick and Len Show... never wear this hat or one like it into the Wisconsin woods during deer hunting season.

Friday, May 20, 2011


We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...Mason Seckar of Oshkosh who was featured on the national syndicated TV show Inside Edition this past Monday where he described routinely using Skype to make prank 911 calls to various police agencies, mainly in St. John's County, Florida.

Seckar would tell the 911 dispatchers things like he was the father of an unconscious girl in need of help or he was shot on a motorcycle and bleeding to death, or that he was a gun-wielding maniac ready to shoot people or even that he was in a fast food restaurant bathroom doing things with his "5-year-old girlfriend". Police say Seckar made at least 180 such calls wasting a hundreds of hours of police time and valuable manpower. Seckar says he made the calls because he "was bored" and in his own defense, says he still thinks they were pretty funny!


For calling 911 more frequently than Zsa Zsa Gabor calls Life Alert.

For ratcheting up the crazy in Florida when Florida needs more crazy like Osama bin Laden needs another hole in the head.

And for breaking the law just because he was bored. Hey, Mason, if everyone who listens to this show broke the law every time they got bored, we'd have a millennium long backlog of Small Town Crime Wave stories.

We are proud to name Mason Seckar of Oshkosh as this week's Rick and Len Show...Weenie of the Week!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, this is it! According to that one dude, Saturday the world is going to end. Here's a list of:


ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER...won't see any of the apocalypse since, if the pictures of the maid he's been banging are any indication, he's been totally blind for 14 years.

BILL CLINTON...will ignore the reports of the apocalypse and will head to Bay Beach Saturday where he will spend the day repeatedly unzippin' his pippin.

JAY CUTLER...will spend the day pouting and weeping...not because it's the end of the world...but because it's a day that ends in "y".

OSAMA BIN LADEN...will be unaware of the apocalypse since he'll be spending the day being passed through some ocean bottom-feeder's colon.

RICH BRITISH WOMEN...will spend the day watching as "the sun becomes black as hair sackcloth, and the whole moon becomes red like blood" while trying to find big goofy hats that match the color scheme.


THE EDITOR OF THE GREEN BAY PRESS GAZETTE...will spend the day making excuses for why "apocalypse" is misspelled on the front page headline.

KEITH RICHARDS...will spend Saturday getting acquainted with many cockroaches since, as of Sunday, they will be his only living companions.

BRETT FAVRE...will spend the day converting to the Hindu religion which believes in reincarnation so he can spend the rest of eternity trying to decide if he’s going to come back or not.


Fresh off appearances on both the Late Show with David Letterman and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Michael Palascak returns to the Skyline Comedy Cafe and the Rick and Len Show.

Tonight, holy hell! It's WAPL Night!!!!

You can make reservations by calling 920-734-JOKE or on-line. You should mention it's WAPL Night on the phone or enter WAPL where it says "coupon" on the check-out page when ordering tickets here at the new Skyline website. And Michael will be joining us on-air Friday morning at 8 for fun and frivolity!

We'll find out how his life has changed since his career took off like a rocket right after his last Appleton appearance.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Check out the video here as Martin Short gives Osama the Elton John treatment on Tuesday night's Late Show with David Letterman! (By that I mean he sings a version of Candle in the Wind, not that he has buttsecks with him!)



Rick and Len wait with breathless anticipation to see if they'll be selected as the new hosts for the TV show Discover Wisconsin. Their on-air audition may not have helped their cause.
To hear Len's wickedly delicious accordion re-work of the DW theme song, click here.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Former Packer standout Gilbert Brown is back in Green Bay as head coach of the expansion Green Bay Chill of the Lingerie Football League, which kicks off its season August 26th at the Resch Center. It'll be the Chill vs. the Minnesota Valkyrie in a game nationally televised on MTV2.
Tickets are on sale at Ticketstar outlets, by phone at 1-800-895-0071 or at www.ticketstaronline.com.

Pictured at left is Coach Brown with Chill quarterback Anne Edler (left) and running back Jennifer Dennison. At right are the same players with WAPL's LenNelson.
The LFL plays arena-style tackle football.
Coach Brown says "These girls are gonna hit!"


May 7th City of Beaver Dam
At 3pm, police received a report that there were two people lying on the ground in the community garden. Police made contact with the man and woman and asked them to leave.

May 1st City of Cudahy
A 30-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct after a neighbor heard four gunshots fired in a backyard on Manitoba Avenue. The man told police he fired the gunshots into the ground to celebrate the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

May 14th City of Green Bay
Police apprehended a naked man who fled St. Vincent Hospital on foot just after noon. The naked man, who reportedly ran through the hospital cafeteria before exiting the hospital, was able to elude police for some time. Eventually, Green Bay Police, with help from Brown County Sheriff's Deputies, set up a perimeter west of the hospital. But police still couldn't catch the naked man because he kept slipping ahead of the perimeter. Acting on a tip, police found the naked man hiding in a back yard on South Webster Avenue, about a block north of the hospital. Police suspect the naked man was under the influence of drugs.

May 11th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Officers responded to a report of two women rolling around on the ground and a man taking pictures of them on George Road. The officer issued them a verbal warning.

May 8th City of Portage
Police responded to a report of someone throwing a bicycle into the canal near the Wisconsin River. A responding officer found a 21-year-old man nearby. The man told police the bicycle was his and he threw it in the water because he was angry with it.

May 12th City of Shawano
Shawano City police investigated a report that women were being propositioned by a man while shopping in the Friends for Christ store in Shawano.

May 9th Village of Bonduel
Deputies attempted to locate a man who was suspected of shooting up as he was going through the drive-thru at Burger King. According to a Burger King employee, the man had the needle in his arm and sounded strange over the intercom. It is not known if the man received his order.


Friday, it was revealed that U.S. Special Forces have uncovered Osama bin-Laden's personal porn stash! Obviously, everybody wants to know, "What movies was he watching"? We'll here's the top ten:


10. Debbie Does Islamabad
9. Big Burqua Beauties
8. Brokeback Camel Boy
7. Djibouti Call
6. Sects in the City
5. Abottabad to My Bone
4. Hot Mecca MILFS: Mullas I'd Like to F....ornicate
3. Jihad? Gee Hard!
2. Tailiban-gers
1. Deep Goat!

Friday, May 13, 2011


We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...Judge Phillip Kirk of Waupaca who it was revealed this week that when sentencing a 71-year-old child molester appeared to defend the man's actions because the man grew up gay in a time when coming out of the closet wasn’t an option. Judge Kirk's comments included these actual statements:

"I think that if anyone believes that in the last 10 years or 15 years all of a sudden you developed an interest in homosexuality and young boys, then I must have looked ravishing in my prom dress this year."

"No one knew there was a closet to come out of in those days. You had to be very careful, because you could have found your penis floating in the Wolf as walleye bait."

And, "I think you were born gayer than a sweet smelling jock strap."


For proving that justice is not only blind, her funny bone apparently isn't working very well, either.

For not realizing that just because you're gay it doesn't make you a child molester any more than wearing a long flowing black robe to work each day makes you a drag queen.

And for making me wonder whose jock strap he's been sniffing that it smells so sweet because mine has always smelled like ass and nuts. (Maybe it was taint-ed!)

We are proud to name Judge Phillip Kirk as this week's Rick and Len Show...Weenie of the Week.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


What can I tell you? John Beehner is a comic. He's funny! He's at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton through Saturday night. You can make reservations by calling 920-734-JOKE or on-line. You should mention it's WAPL Night on the phone or enter WAPL where it says "coupon" on the check-out page when ordering tickets here at the new Skyline website. And John will be joining us on-air Friday morning at 8 for fun and hijinks!

I guess that covers everything. Oh wait, I almost forgot, you should also know that John is recording his new CD during his show this week at Skyline. So if you're in the crowd, shut up and don't be a douchebag!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce has a new tourism slogan for the city and Rick and Len have the perfect radio ad for it. The campaign theme is "How do You Sheboygan?"

Yes, they've now turned "Sheboygan" into a verb.

But, as Rick and Len Show listeners know, the city on the big lake is already well know for something. That, of course, is the Weird Ass Sheboygan County Story of the Day. So it seems natural to capitalize on it, right?

Click here to hear the commercial we think they should use.


Thursday morning at about 8:50 on the Rick and Len Show we'll chat with Robert Webster, the author of Does This Mean You'll See Me Naked? Webster has been a funeral director for over 30 years and reveals some fascinating and, at times, very amusing stories from his job.

Pick up a copy of the book at your local bookstore or click here to order on-line.

Monday, May 9, 2011


April 16th City of Eau Claire
A Hair Salon owner called police to report the theft of a 4-foot tall fiberglass hand shaped like a chair covered with images of country music star Keith Urban. Keith Urban is offering a reward for the safe return to the giant fiberglass hand.

May 3rd City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a man running nude through the downtown area. When apprehend by police, the man promised he would not run around naked again. However, he informed officers that the voices in his head were telling him he should have sex with a horse.

April 30th City of Oshkosh
A 65-year-old man, who was playing basketball on a court on West 20th Avenue, was arrested for disorderly conduct after he began yelling and swearing obscenities at children who also were also on the basketball court.

April 24th City of Menasha
A man called police to report the theft of a large sum of money from inside of his freezer.

April 28th City of Brookfield
Five women were cited for disorderly conduct for yelling obscenities at security officers and customers in a mall. The women were upset that they were not allowed to return items to a store.

April 28th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police to report that there were teenagers standing on the sidewalk. Police informed the man that the sidewalk is public and as long as they yield to foot traffic it is legal for teenagers to stand there.

May 1st City of Oshkosh
Police issued a citation for disorderly conduct to a 36-year-old man at a South Koeller Street business after he began yelling and swearing at an employee of a business who was unable to fix his video game system.

April 30th City of Beaver Dam
A MacArthur Drive woman reported at approximately 7:00pm… a carpet was left on her front steps.

STCW UPDATE: April 24th Village of Fox Point
A concrete statue of a pig valued at $75, that two weeks ago we reported was stolen from the front steps of a residence on North Poplar Drive, has been returned . As you may recall, a note was left at the scene reading. "We have your pig. The pig will die if you call the FBI." Despite, police intervention, the concrete pig was returned intact.


An Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Photoshopped this now iconic photo of Obama in the war room during the Osama attack. Der Tzitung cut out Hillary Clinton because they said she made the photo too "sexually suggestive". Really? Hillary? I don't know about you but I think...

Hillary Clinton is about as sexually suggestive as…

Ryan Seacrest is straight.

Brett Favre is hung.

Fond du Lac sidewalks are dry.

Former governor Jim Doyle's head is hairy.

Sarah Palin is candidate for MENSA.

Zsa Zsa Gabor is ready to run a marathon.

Larry King's sack is unwrinkled.

The front row of seats at a Melissa Etheridge concert are dry.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is universally beloved.

A Nebraskan's stool sample is corn-free.

Osama bin Laden's skull is airtight.


Listen to The Rick and Len Show all week for your chance to win tickets to An Evening with Captain Sig and the Hillstrand Brothers from Deadliest Catch. One of our winners even gets front row seats and a meet and greet with the captains!
The captains from the hit Discovery Channel show are coming to the Fox Cities Performing arts Center Sunday, May 15th. It's an interactive show in which the guys tell stories (including some salty tales they can't put on TV) and take questions from the audience. Our own Len Nelson will moderate the show.
Click here for ticket information.

Friday, May 6, 2011


We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...Assistant Outagamie County Staff Attorney Kenneth Wagner who, it was revealed this week, was cited for "engaging in sexual contact for compensation" at Appleton's Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor. Wagner was busted at Heavenly Touch just a few weeks after Oshkosh assemblyman Gordon Hintz made headlines by getting cited at the same place. Wagner has since resigned his position with Outagamie County.


For resigning his job, which really tugs at our heartstrings, just not as hard as the woman at Heavenly Touch apparently tugged at something else.

For proving that, unlike a session at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor, not every story has a happy ending.

And for doing something that left him feeling like a jerk. Which, ironically, the last time he felt like a jerk, he apparently went to the massage parlor and paid someone to do it.

We are proud to name Assistant Outagamie County Staff Attorney Kenneth Wagner as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Look at him! LOOK! He looks like the child Jerry and Elaine never had (his line, not ours!) And he's wonderfully funny. He's Ryan Hamilton and he returns to the Skyline Comedy Cafe and the Rick and Len Show this week.

Ryan's been named one of Rolling Stone Magazine's top five up and coming comics to watch. See for yourself at the Skyline Comedy Cafe. Hurry. Tickets are selling fast and some shows are already sold out!

Tonight is WAPL night. Get 2, that's right, 2 for 1 admission for RYAN HAMILTON tonight only at the Skyline. Just mention WAPL when you make your reservations at 920-734-JOKE or enter the letters WAPL where it says "coupon" on the check-out page when ordering tickets here at the new Skyline website.

Here Ryan in action talking about creepy babies.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


10. Helped stoke fire they're using to heat up the infinite supply of white hot pokers they’ll be sticking up is butt.

9. Had private parts slathered with gravy before being sent out to walk Satan's pit bulls.

8. Watched dinner being prepared by hell's chefs Ed Gein and Jeff Dahmer.

8. Polished chair on the right hand of Satan reserved for Dick Cheney.

7. Killed some time watching Hitler being eternally circumcised with world's dullest knives.

6. Spent several hours working in hell's laundry room, washing and drying Satan's personal supply of Chicago Bear jerseys.

5. Tried to tune out the blood curdling sounds of millions of lost souls crying out in wretched agony only to find it was just that Miley Cyrus in concert this weekend singing Smells Like Teen Spirit. (If you haven't heard it yet, click here!)

3. Had a long chat with Nixon.

2. Reserved long johns and parka just in case Vikings should ever win a Super Bowl.

1. Desperately tried to change the radio station , but it's forever tuned to 101.1.


April 27th City of Shawano
A South Bartlett resident called police to report that an unknown person has been tying balloons to their plants with sexually explicit messages written on the balloons.

April 16th City of Shorewood
A 21-year-old man was arrested for theft at Pick 'n Save after he was seen stuffing two bottles of gin and two bottles of vodka into the girdle he was wearing.

April 21st Village of Arpin
A woman on Richfield Road called police and reported that a neighbor's goat caused damage to her car and pooped on her deck.

April 26th Town of Gresham
A man called the sheriff's department and told them his Texas Long Horn cow broke its chain. The man said he wanted deputies to shoot the cow, slit her throat, and then give him a back.

April 22nd City of Brookfield
Officers were called to a parking lot where someone reported seeing a 27-year-old man in a car was watching pornography on a cell phone. Officers found the man in question was watching... an episode of the TV series Nip/Tuck.

April 24th City of Wauwatosa
Police arrested a 21-year-old man for drug possession. The man repeatedly swore at officers and insisted on taking his pants off during his booking photo.

April 23rd City of Wausau
An officer arrested a man for violating the terms of his probation after the man was found drunk and sleeping in a garbage can.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Leave it to NMA World Edition fro, Taiwan to present the death of bin-Laden tastefully...through animation! (may not be safe for work!)



Have you seen the new ABC series Happy Endings? It's my fave new sit-com of the year. Sort of a hipper, edgier Friends. Eliza Coupe plays Jane (you may remember her from the last couple seasons of Scrubs!).

We'll talk to Eliza Tuesday morning at 9:40.

And check out Happy Endings on WBAY 2 Wednesday night. There's two episodes back-to-back starting at 9pm!

Here's a clip from the show which also stars 24's Elisha Cuthbert, SNL's Casey Wilson and Damon Wayons' Daymon Wayons Jr. (Eliza's the one in white.)