Monday, April 25, 2011


April 12th Village of Fox Point
A concrete statue of a pig valued at $75 was stolen from the front steps of a residence on North Poplar Drive. According to police, a note was left at the scene reading. "We have your pig. The pig will die if you call the FBI."

April 13th Village of Omro
Police cited two Waukau Road neighbors with disorderly conduct after a dispute over a garbage can turned physical.

April 20th City of Marshfield
A 69-year-old Nekoosa woman reported a 69-year-old Arpin woman directed profanity at her and pushed her to the ground. The 69-year-old Arpin woman said she did it because the 69-year-old Nekoosa woman wouldn’t move fast enough.

April 18th City of Beaver Dam
A 32-year-old woman came to Beaver Dam Community Hospital with a rat bite. The woman told police she planned to keep the rat that bit her for three weeks until it has babies and then would feed it to her pet snake.

April 13th Village of Omro
Offices referred a 12-year-old to juvenile authorities after his parents called police to report he was out of control and swearing at them.

April 17th Village of Omro
Police responded to Kwik Trip to investigate a report of a suspicious person. According to police, the man reportedly had been asking other customers to buy him things.

April 13th City of West Allis
Police responded to a store where security had apprehended a shoplifter. Officers charged the 45-year-old man with attempting to steal three boxes of Ho-Hos and three boxes of Ding Dongs.

April 22nd City of Wausau
A 38-year-old woman was fined $300 for putting half a box of Ex-Lax in the cookie batter. She left the cookies outside the office of her University of Wisconsin-Marathon County biology professor.

April 21st City of Oshkosh
Police and firefighters were called to a Grand Street residence where a small dog was in distress. The dog's owner said they had been giving the dog a bath when it's paw became stuck in the sink drain. Firefighters were on the scene about 30 minutes using a reciprocating saw and a small cutting tool to remove part of the drain to free the doggie's stuck paw.

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