Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Green Bay police are looking into who fired two bullet holes into the glass Atrium at Lambeau Field this week. In an effort to help police, we assembled...


10. After re-watching Packers play off loss to Arizona, someone decided that Lambeau should have at least a fraction of the number of holes as the team's defense.

9. Even after 6 years, some people still upset about 4th and 26.

8. Shots fired by Mason Crosby in a effort to prove that he can hit something, even if it took a structure a thousand times bigger than the broadside of a barn to do so.

7. Johnny Jolly's dealer just sending a message.

6. Atrium fired the shots it's self in effort to end it all rather than spend another season serving as venue for FOX 11's god-awful post game show with Drew Smith and Johnny Gray.

5. Those aren't bullet holes. Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger visited town and penetrated the Atrium against it's will.

4. Shots fired by Packer receivers coach in effort to attract Plaxico Burress to the team once he's paroled.

3. "Half percent sales tax, my ass!"

2. Shot at window after mishearing a discussion about the Packer GM and didn't want Ted Thompson to be the only "glass hole" at Lambeau.

1. Damn, that Favre holds a grudge!

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