Thursday, May 20, 2010


A lingerie store in San Antonio has been notified that they need to secure a food vendor's permit. Why would a lingerie store need a food vendor's permit? Because they sell Edible Undies. Seriously! (And you thought Appleton was bad!)

You know, I never really thought of Edible Undies as "food" before. But this got me to wondering. What if Edible Undies became the next trendy food item and suddenly every restaurant has something made with Edible Undies on their menu? You know, like how every restaurant now has something made with chipotle. Here's some suggestions for some well known restaurants.

RED LOBSTER...could starting serving the edible panties with crabs inside and call it the Paris Hilton wrap.

McDONALD'S...could start serving a McUndie sandwich. It doesn't matter what's inside as long as you've got some nice buns to go with those panties.

TACO BELL...while panties and tacos seem like a natural, if you peel back undies and find a big burrito, you’ll probably want to make a run for the border.

SONIC...should keep edible undies off their menu since only a real sicko would want their tots with edible panties.

PIZZA HUT...could create an edible undie pizza. However, I'll be the first to admit that panties that have cheese and a crust might be a tough sell.

KFC...could starting serving their friend chicken inside the edible panties since the edible undies have always been intended to be eaten with something that is finger lickin’ good.

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