Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We're not the only ones looking forward to Saturday night's game. Here's what some celebrities will be doing for the Packer-Falcon play-off game.

CHARLIE SHEEN: Is installing a television in the closet so his hooker doesn't have to miss the game.

JULIAN ASSANGE: Will skip the game in favor of spending his time leaking the Falcon play book.

BRETT FAVRE: Will attend a tailgate party before the game where, by force of habit, he will text a picture of one of the brats to Jenn Sterger.

TIGER WOODS: Who is a big Falcon fan, will spend Saturday night Falcon some cocktail waitress.

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JOHN BOEHNER: Will attend the game where he will keep both teams hydrated by weeping into their water buckets.

THE OCTOMOM: Is planning to attend the game, just in case the teams need an extra tunnel to run out of.

ARIZONA SHOOTER JARED LEE LOUGHNER: Will spend Saturday night working to make his case that he is not mentally competent by watching something else because you’d have to be crazy to miss this game.

RICHARD SIMMONS: Will spend the game slathering his testicles in Wesson oil while imagining it's his balls slipping through James Jones' fingers.

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