Thursday, June 3, 2010

OILS WELL THAT ENDS WELL found something interesting. There is a website called "Help a Reporter Out" where journalists can turn to other journalists looking for help on troublesome stories. This week, a reporter at CNN turned to the site looking for help on a story he was working on about "The Good Side of the Oil Spill". Well, isn't he Mr. Glass Half Full!. I was amused by some of the suggestions made by readers on and took some of their suggestions and added a few of my own to compose this list of...


10. Promotes less energy use by discouraging vacations to Florida and the Gulf Coast.

9. Provides Dawn dish-washing liquid with the perfect green ad campaign.

8. Allows rainbows to occur ON the ocean, rather than above it.

7. Orthodox Jews will be less tempted to eat shrimp.

6. Will save scientists indexing and cataloging all the species living in the gulf a lot of time.

5. Increased bird viscosity for maximum performance!

4. One good hurricane and nothing on the gulf coast is going to squeak or rust for years.

3. Finally some great porn quality photos for oil-covered sea-lion fetishists.

2. Providing much needed lubrication for gay pelicans.

1. If the oil continues to flow, it could cover the entire ocean, killing off all marine life eventually leading to the to the extinction of man saving us from having to ever again watch CNN.

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