Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Chris and Jason from Project Pink, the extraordinary Floyd tribute show you can see at the Meyer Theater Saturday night, dropped by the studio this morning and we played Would You Rather? A number of people asked for a list of the questions. Here they are with Chris and Jason's answers in BOLD.


Be pummeled to death by wild monkey's using small but powerful golden hammers or be eaten alive by the living members of the cast of the Lawrence Welk Show?

Spend the rest of your life dressed only in the that green question mark suit the guy from the late night infomercials wears while yelling about free money from the government or only be allowed to scratch your balls during total solar eclipses?

Have the only music that you're ever allowed to listen to for the rest of your life be any the hundreds of songs Celine Dion has recorded in French or only the jingle for The Lullaby Shop?

Spend the best of your life suffering from a case of free roaming nipples where your man nips would constantly move about your body or have to drink a 32 ounce Slushie made with cold, congealing fat liposucked from Susan Boyle's flabby arms?

Tom Zalaski use your tongue to clean out his ears or have Tom Milbourn wear your ass like a hat?


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