Saturday, March 13, 2010


We are proud to name as this week's Rick & Len Show Weenie of the Week... Rob Voss of Valder, who the other afternoon, after a few adult beverages and before coming down from his room here at the resort for the afternoon broadcast, brushed his teeth. And why does that make him Weenie of the Week? Well, because in his "slightly" inebriated state he accidentally brushed with Benedryl allergy cream.

So, for brushing his teeth with and allergy cream which leads me to believe that somewhere on his body he must have a rash that's freakishly minty fresh.

For at least not mistaking someone's thong for dental floss.

And for putting something stiff and foul tasting in his mouth...and he wasn't even a participant in yesterday's Laycation sex contest.

We are proud to name Paul Voss of Valders as this week's Rick and Len International Incident....Weenie of the Week!

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