Monday, March 15, 2010


Well, the results are in. And after a week of voting here at, I, Rick, have been chosen by you the listeners as "the most likely to be arrested in Mexico" during this year's International Incident trip. Well, screw you! I have returned without seeing the inside of a Mexican jail!

How did I do it. Well, here's the:


10. Just being a drunken a-hole not specifically against any Mexican laws.

9. I bought off the local authorities with a bunch of Snuggies and Slankets...or as they're known in Mexico: ponchos.

8. Peeing in the streets is totally acceptable there which is why Puerto Vallarta is known worldwide as "Fond du Lac on the Mexican Pacific".

7. Mexican police felt sorry for me after seeing my 3rd degree case of "thong burn".

6. Convinced local authorities that returning to Wisconsin and working with Len was a worse punishment than anything they could dole out.

3. Bribed the cop with items 5 and 4.

2. I was recognized by local police as a beloved American entertainer from my picture on WAPL "Feces the Clown" t-shirts. (still available by clicking here!)

1. The sheep didn't file charges.

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