Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, Len and I have been working hard here in P.V...Len has been working on a good buzz and I've been working on Calgaro's last nerve. Of course, I've also been laboring...under the illusion that the listeners are enjoying spending time with me.

I am having a blast here.

However, my most indelible memory of the trip, so far, is still seeing longtime Green Bay alderman Guy Zima digging through the recycling bin at the Milwaukee airport because he's apparently too cheap to buy a newspaper. I don't know if he, like us, was Mexico bound. I'll keep my ears open for news about any gringos getting arrested shoplifting Chirizo sausage in their pants.

It's also important to remember that these trips aren't all just drinking and partying. They are also very educational. For instance, this morning, during the game we called "Doodie Duty", we learned that unlike in the movie Caddyshack, Baby Ruth candy bars do NOT float when you put them in the swimming pool. But, in the words of Bill Murray, "it's no big deal". It was still fun watching listeners swimming after them (blindfolded, no less). Mark Van Boxtel of Green Bay was the winner!

Well, I just saw someone go past my window....and my room is on the 6th floor. I better go find out what that is all about. It is getting a little crazy here, but in the words of Hunter S. Thompson " It never got too weird for me!"


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