Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In Colorado Springs, a billboard company has banned this poster for the Broadway show Avenue Q because it's depiction of "puppet cleavage" was deemed too sexy. Really, puppet cleavage too sexy? Here some other signs you might be too uptight!

If you get offended as frequently as Paris Hilton gets might be too uptight.

If the panties you keep getting in a bunch are actually might be too uptight.

If you've pitched more fits than an entire troop of boy scouts with a porno mag have pitched might be too uptight.

If compared to you, Mother Teresa seemed like Lindsey might be too uptight.

If you fly off the handle as easily as Tommy Thompson flies off the might be too uptight.

If after sticking chunks of coal up your ass, Richard Kessler returns a week later to harvest're definitely too uptight!

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