Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"The thong is dead"
Cosmopolitan magazine reports.
Fallen victim to the less revealing,
lingerie called "boy shorts".

Since the 1980's, the thong,
with it's dainty French cut,
has been exciting millions of men…
and flossing even more butts.

The g-string, the t-back,
call it what you will.
The thong first found popularity
On the beaches of Brazil.

And from South America
the thong started creeping-up further north.
Which is, if nothing else,
an appropriate metaphor.

But comfort was never the reason
for a woman to wear one of those things.
That are nothing more than a couple small pieces of cloth
attached to a coarse, irritating string.

Its simple design gave many a wearer a rash
on her womanhood.
While giving even more men
a really bad case of wood.

Now, after 2 decades of proving
that less can be more.
The thong is going the way of bloomers and spats,
parachute pants and peignoirs.

So, now we bid farewell to the thong.
They'll soon be in short supply.
So, if you are a butt man,the time has come
to kiss your ass goodbye!

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