Monday, February 22, 2010


February 1st City of Menasha
A caller reported that there was loud banging coming from an apartment on Third Street and it sounded like a fight. Upon arrival, officers were told by two individuals that there was no fight. One of the men said he was playing a video game and got upset, so he was yelling.

January 31st City of Brown Deer
An 18-year-old man was arrested for underage drinking and resisting arrest after police were called to remove him from a party at Four Points Sheraton. The man ran from police and when caught yelled for them to call his parents. The suspect would not say where he got the alcohol and denied drinking. However, he told officers he knew where they could buy some "weed."

February 7th Town of Menasha
A resident of Stead Drive reported that he ordered two computers from a company in China and when the package arrived, it turned out to be a pair of shoes.

February 7th Town of Menasha
Officers were sent to a tavern on American Drive where, for no apparent reason, a man pushed another patron off a barstool.

February 7th Town of Menasha
Police were called to Golf Bridge Drive were two men where fighting over who the winner of the Super Bowl was going to be.

February 18th City of Oshkosh
Officers received a report of a man walking down the street with a firearm. Police located the “man with the firearm” who turned out to be a 12-year-old boy with a toy.

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