Monday, February 15, 2010


In response to the e-mail complaint reprinted verbatim below, we are happy to make available this new line of Rick and Len T-Shirts. They're just $19.99 each plus shipping. To order yours, click here!

Rick, from Rick and Len Show

How dare you say Sarah Palin is idoit? I bet you can't think of one, one good reason why she is an Idoit, you know what Rick! Your an idoit!! Yes You! My friend except your not my friend. They should change your name to Feces the clown. Because your a squeeky little turd. I'm sick of your annoying voice. Why do dislike Sarah? I hope your hero Barrack Obama breaks into your house and eats your pets. If you don't have any pets then I hope your hero Barrack Bin Laden breaks into your house and bites your nipple and whips you with a leather belt. Sarah Palin is a babe! You probably think Nacy Polsi is hot...wait you like men...i forgot! You probably think Keith Olbermann or San Fransico Mayor Gavine Newsome is hot. How dare you, speak bad about Sarah! You Communist basterd. Get out of my country you communist!!! WAPL has crossed the line by having way too many commericals and they have stopped playing the good stuff like Zeppelin the Beatles, Rush. You keep playing that ozzy or AC/DC, and that beanie weanie hair band crap. Who do you think you are Dennis the Menace?! Huh! You snot nosed communist punk! Sarah Palin is more cute then a baby lamb on wheels! On wheels for crying out loud! You stupid liberal communist idoit! I'm not going to listen to WAPL anymore!! I'm up to here with their macho headgames! You communist! You probably want to take a bath with Sean Penn, a communist bath, you dirty communist bath loving commie! Mike Huckabee is going to kick you in the ass.-Jim

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