Monday, February 7, 2011


The best part of watching the game on a new 72-inch-flat screen TV was:
a. seeing the Packers win in high definition.
b. hearing the on field crunching of players colliding in surround sound stereo.
c. using the mute button during the Black Eyed Peas.

The most difficult part of the game for most Packer fans was:
a. seeing Donald Driver and Charles Woodson go down to injury.
b. coping with the unnerving suspense of such a close contest.
c. driving to work this morning while still legally drunk.

When Charles Woodson said it was "unbearably painful" he was talking about what?
a. his broken collarbone.
b. having to watch the 2nd half from the sidelines.
c. Fergie singing Sweet Child of Mine during the half time show.

My favorite commercial last night was for the upcoming animated Kung Fu Panda sequel because:
a. I enjoyed the first film.
b. I love Jack Black.
c. That panda was the only bear in the Super Bowl.

According to experts, what was most badly mangled in last night's game?
a. Donald Driver's ankle.
b. Charles Woodson's clavicle.
c. Francis Scott Key's Star Spangled Banner.

Hundreds of fans who traveled to Dallas for the game were stiffed by:
a. unscrupulous brokers selling counterfeit tickets.
b. the NFL who over sold the venue.
c. Ben Roethlisberger in a bathroom after the game.

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