Friday, February 4, 2011


Way back at the start of the season
Aaron Rogers made his intentions clear.
He strode into the Chamber of Commerce luncheon back in August
In Stetson hat and cowboy gear.

He was confident and cocky!
No way that he'd back down.
On February 6th he knew where he'd be.
Yes, he knew that he was Dallas bound.

Around the NFL some scoffed and others chortled.
This kind of bravado from a young cowpoke was not allowed.
They chuckled that he would be so bold.
But hey, who's laughing now?

Come this Sunday, Aaron will ditch his bolo tie and spurs
In Green and Gold he'll be festooned.
But it couldn't be more of an old fashioned Texas gun fight,
If they held it at High Noon.

At his side our trusty gunslinger,
Will have his faithful pals.
Joined by Driver, Jennings, Jones and Nelson
For the Shootout at Jerry Jones' Corral.

He'll face off against another gunfighter.
The one they call Big Ben.
Who's only here because they dropped the charges,
Or he’d be locked up in the hoosegow doing 'bout 8 to 10.

And following the kick off,
The gunfire will be live.
As Aaron uses the rifle he has for an arm
And fires off a shot to number 85.

And the passes will rain down like bullets.
Aaron's aim is most always true.
While his opponents' gunfire will be neutralized.
Thanks to the likes of numbers 21 and 52.

And when the smoke clears at the end,
With Pittsburgh's dreams of number seven killed.
You can bury all their Terrible Towels
'neath a tombstone up there upon ole' Boot Hill.

And the folks down there in Dallas,
Will have seen a true gunslinger of some renown.
And let the word spread far and wide.
There's a new sheriff in this town!

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