Monday, February 7, 2011


January 4th Village of Brown Deer
A woman at the Brown Deer Village Hall called police to report someone took her 24-ounce bottle of soda from the refrigerator in the employee break room. Police arrested a 19-year-old man for the crime. The man admitted to police that that he had taken the soda but said he had been told it was OK to take it.

January 27th City of Waupun
Police confronted a man who attacked a snowplow with a shovel. Police say the 63-year-old man was shoveling his driveway on Wilcox Court when a Waupun Public Works snowplow drove by filling his driveway with more snow. The man reportedly became upset and ran after the truck striking it with his shovel. Officers agreed to not cite the man because he apologized to the driver for hitting his plow. The plow did not sustain any damage.

January 23rd Calumet County
Police received a call from a location near County Highway KK and Military Road. The caller was in the trunk of a car and was not sure how he got there. He told police he thought he might been in the trunk of his own vehicle but wasn’t sure. He stated that he had been out drinking the previous night and that may have contributed to him being in the car trunk.

January 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman on Eighth Street called police to report seeing a boy and a dog sitting on a snow bank.

January 3rd City of Brookfield
A 34-year-old man is being investigated for disorderly conduct after lashing out at a referee at Brookfield Soccer. The man is accused of losing his temper when the referee asked him to wear shin guards during a game. The man reportedly responded to the request by cursing at the referee, throwing the referee's personal items into a garbage can and spitting on them.

January 27th City of Mequon
Police cited a 14-year-old boy for disorderly conduct after he smashed a plant and threw a cup causing minor damage during an argument with his 17-year-old brother over peanut butter.

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