Tuesday, December 7, 2010


November 26th City of Menasha
Police were called to a South Oneida Street bar where a woman reportedly tripped and struck her head on a statue of Captain Morgan. (Alcohol is believed to be a factor!)

November 26th City of Beaver Dam
A man on Rosendale Street reported there was dog feces in the lobby of his building. An officer told the man he believed the feces was of human origin and also noted vandalism to a TV tray.

November 29th City of Green Bay
Police were called to a Doty Street residence where a 47-year-old man was yelling and throwing dishes. The man's girlfriend told police he was just drunk and celebrating a Chicago Bears victory.

November 11th City of Brown Deer
A male student was arrested for disorderly conduct in the parking lot of Brown Deer High School. The student reportedly took some trays from the school, placed them under his front tires, and then drove over them squealing his tires and doing multiple doughnuts. He said he just wanted to see what would happen if he drove over the trays.

November 12th Village of Bellevue
Police were called to Wal-Mart where an elderly woman reportedly drover her wheelchair into a rack of clothes rack and fled with stolen items.

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