Monday, October 25, 2010


Congratulations to Alexander Henninger from Appleton, the winner of our Show Us Your Junk contest. Alexander arranged all his junk in such a creative way that even his few non-creepy items seemed creepy. Plus, he used some mad photography skills to make it look like something out of one of my nightmares.

Thanks to all how entered and congrats again to Alexander!

"Here's a light taste of the junk I have to offer. A bride dragging a groom, a severed hand, a Zippo lighter, a watch, two darts, three matches, a guitar, the grim reaper, a martini glass, a die that says "tickle my" on it...what else do you see in my junk? Copy to your desktop and open with windows photo viewer (or click to enlarge) to be able to zoom in and play with my junk."

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