Thursday, October 14, 2010


Esquire magazine has just released it's list of the 10 best and 10 worst members on congress. Wisconsin is one of two states to have two members of it's congressional delegation make the BEST list, Paul Ryan the Republican congressman from the Janesville area and Senator Russ Feingold.

However, to be honest, how much competition could there be to be one of the BEST members of the U.S. congress? It's like about a dozen members competing for 10 spots. The WORST members of the congress, that's where the real competition is! You've got about 500 greedy, self-serving a-holes fighting for just 10 slots!

While I guess it's an honor for Feingold and Ryan to make the list, you gotta admit, being named one of the BEST members of the U.S. Congress is sort of like being called...

The hottest bridesmaid at a Menasha wedding.

The best Packer coach...since Mike Holmgren.

The straightest guy in the cast of Glee.

The most chaste member of the Hilton family.

The best singer at school for the deaf.

The most entertaining radio morning show in Northeastern Wisconsin.

The smartest blonde in Hollywood.

The best actor on a Mexican soap opera.

The sexiest pantsuit in Hillary Clinton's wardrobe.

The most prestigious of the Gannett newspapers.

The best testicle in Lance Armstrong's nut sac.

The most out-of-control partier at an Amish barn raising.

The biggest stud on the WAPL air-staff.

The most well hung current Minnesota Viking quarterback.

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