Thursday, March 17, 2011


1) May the road rise up to meet you;
May the wind be always at your back.
And should you drink too much and pass out
May your friends stick nothing in your crack.

2) Here's to having drinks with a group of friends.
May the beer never stop flowing.
And here's hoping that Scott Walker
Never tries to put a ban on...collective bar going.

3) May the shots of whiskey be as plentiful
As a politicians lies.
And may the beer always flow as fast
As tears from Jay Cutler's eyes.

4) Life is a difficult road to travel
Full of pot holes and obstructions.
Here's to your life having fewer obstacles
Than this summer's highway 41 reconstruction.

5) May you have a belly full of beer this St. Paddy's.
And some whiskey in your brain.
It's the next best thing to have pumping through your body
Than tigers blood in your veins.

6) Should you see something wee and small this St. Paddy's Day,
That you'll never be able to forget.
I pray to God it is a leprechaun
And not a text from a Quarterback named Brett.

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