Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rick and Len do Punta Cana

It has only taken me 5 days to be able to blog something from the Dominican Republic...but HOLA!

We are having some great times with 126 of our Rockin' Apple friends. The Catelonia Bavaro Resort is absolutely fantastic with the caveat that we have had a few technical issues. But then again, it wouldn't be a WAPL International Incident if everything went off without a hitch. Cerveza makes it better, though!

Today was Len's 50th birthday and he spent it like on old fart. Do the show, play golf, take a nap. Awesome. Now get off my lawn!

This morning Len, at his daughter's request, donned some "fairy wings" she stashed in his suitcase and skipped around the broadcast area. His 12-year-old instructed him to "embrace your inner fairy." So he did in very fairy-ish fashion. What we won't do for the show!

Every one of our seven International Incident trips has been spectacular...but this one is shaping up to be the best yet. Wish you could all be here. Maybe next year...?

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