Monday, April 19, 2010


According to ABC, "Ladies Love Larry King" Yes, THAT Larry King!. Why? In spite of the fact the the only acceptable response to that question is "Beats the hell out of me!", we've still managed to come up with 10 reasons.


10. Dust is a powerful aphrodisiac.

9. Those lumpy adult diapers make it look like he’s really packing.

8. Used to love watching him host HBO's Tales from the Crypt.

7. All a woman has to do to have sex with him is get on top and let his Craftmatic Adjustable bed do all the work.

6. They find it adorable how at the point of climax he always yells "23 skidoo".

5. When he walks around the bedroom naked, they're turned on by the sound of his balls dragging across the floor.

4. Having sex with him is almost like having a threesome since the grim specter of death is always looking over his shoulder wherever he goes.

3. The friction from wearing those suspenders all day keeps his nips rock hard.

2. Couldn’t think of a number 2. I was too busy vomiting at the thought of women finding Larry King sexy. (and his rock hard nips!)

1. Woman apparently love a man with a large throbbing organ...even if the large throbbing organ is his prostate.

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