Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Packers in conjunction with St, Norbert's have created the Vincent Award, a medallion that bears the likeness of Vince Lombardi as if he were a victorious, laurel-crowned hero in Roman times. The medals will be awarded to a few folks at the upcoming national Sport and Society conference to be held at St. Norb's the end of May. The back of the medallion bears the Latin inscription "Quod nefas ibi accidit" meaning "What the hell's going on out here?" Seriously!

We, at the Rick and Len Show think there are other former members of the Packer family who deserve their own medallions with Latin inscriptions. Here's what they would say.

Mike Sherman: Operor illa pardus planto meus puga pyga vultus pinguis? Translation: Do these pants make my ass look fat?

Ray Rhodes: Operor vos have ullus candied? Translation: Got any gum?

Brett Favre: Ego mos permissum vos teneo quis is should narro in semestris. Translation: I will let you know what it should say in six months. (its the only coin that when flipped always lands on it's side!)

Ray Nitschke: Dictis eram a cattus. Translation: Butkis is a pussy.

Najeh Davenport: Ego loco a donum in vestri immunda vestitus alveus Translation: I left you a gift in your laundry hamper.

Tony Mandrich: Illud es non erigo. Illud es meus testis. Translation: These are not raisins. These are my testicles.

Marc Chmura: Vetus satis minuo vetus satis ut semino. Translation: Old enough to bleed old enough to breed!

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