Monday, July 25, 2011


July 15th City of Manitowoc
A 22-year-old man was arrested on an alleged strangulation charge. According to police, that man's girlfriend poured water on him in an effort to wake him up as he was sleeping on the bathroom floor and she needed to use the restroom. The man reportedly awoke and grabbed her by the neck.

July 17th City of West Allis
Police responded to a report of a male being stabbed. When police arrived, a male victim told them he had not been stabbed, but rather, his fiancee grabbed his scrotum and pulled it, causing an injury. The male victim was taken to Froedtert Hospital to stitch his detached scrotum.

July 12th City of Portage
Offices responded to a report of a disturbance. A 76-year-old man allegedly punched another man in the mouth. He was reportedly angry that the other man had opened a window.

July 16th City of Portage
Police stopped a vehicle for not having headlights turned on. The 17-year-old driver was arrested on a tentative charge of operating while drugged after he told them he smoked marijuana before going to see a "Harry Potter" movie.

June 26th City of Neenah
Police cited a 20-year-old man for shoplifting after he stole a $60 pair of Nike shoes from a department store on Green Bay Road. The man told police that he didn't think it was a big deal since all of his friends take shoes.

July 13th Village of Elm Grove
A woman on Blue Ridge Boulevard reported that four teenagers wearing costumes knocked on her door and, when she answered, said "trick or treat". She believed this was suspicious since it is the middle of July.

July 12th City of Oak Creek
A 20-year-old man told police he was assaulted by two men who stole his gold necklace and his bag of McDonald's cheeseburgers.

July 12 City of Brown Deer
A 45-year-old man was arrested for drunken driving after he was found hunched over his steering wheel with motor running. The man had vomit on his face and hands. When asked when he threw up, the man looked at the officer in "disbelief" saying it wasn't vomit, it was food.

July 20th City of Portage
Police arrested two women who reportedly swore at each other during a disturbance at Wendy's.

June 26th City of Neenah
The staff at a hotel at Cameron Way reported that a guest cracked a flat-screen television in a room. The room also… had vomit in it.

July 12th Village of Elm Grove
A woman reported that an MP3 player was taken from an unlocked car. A note left in the car stated: "Lock your doors hunny (sp), thanks for the iPod." An acquaintance of the woman later admitted had taken the music player to teach her to lock her car doors.

July 12th City of Oak Creek
Police were called to the South Shore Cinema where an 18-year-old man snuck into a movie he did not pay to see. When theater personnel and police tried to eject him, he shouted profanities and refused to leave his seat, forcing police to physically remove him from the theater. The disruption caused the movie to be stopped and all the patrons were refunded the ticket price.

July 11th Village of Winneconne
A couple on Lincoln Avenue called police to report that upon awakening around 6 a.m. they found a man in his underwear standing in their bedroom. They yelled at the man and he ran out the patio door and onto a screened porch. The couple continued yelling and the man left. Police tracked him down through a neighbor of the couple who said the underwear clad man knocked on his door and asked for a ride and the man obliged. When police spoke to the intruder he told them he'd been at a tavern and couldn't remember much of what happened after he left the place. He did not remember removing his clothing or entering the Lincoln Avenue home. When he awoke in the morning he went looking for the bathroom and wound up in the bedroom of people he did not know. They yelled and he ran.

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