Monday, June 20, 2011


We bid farewell today to The Big Man.
The yin to The Boss's yang.
Wailing on that saxophone
While Bruce played guitar and sang.

Handling that golden horn
With his enormous, but so agile hands
As Springsteen told the 10th Avenue tale
Of when the Big Man joined the band.

Clarence blew notes that sounded like release.
Like escaping from a place you didn't want to be.
They were the sound of hitting the road and going places.
The sound of leaving it all behind and being free.

Together he and Bruce took us places.
Down Thunder Road to Jungle Land
Reliving all their Glory Days
He was Born to Run with the rest of the E-Street band.

He was the last great sax man of the rock era
Which really is a bloody shame.
Then again, no one was ever going to do it better than him.
To even try would have been in vain.

So, farewell to New Jersey's "Minister of Soul".
He played with power, control and class.
And the only thing that blows harder
Is the fact that now he's passed.

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