Monday, November 15, 2010


November 8th City of Portage
Police responded to a report of an altercation on MacFarlane Road. When they arrived, they found two people allegedly swatting each other with a rolled up newspaper.

October 28th City of Appleton
An African Violet Drive resident reported that some kids had left a tube sock filled with feces outside the reporting party's door so it would be stepped on when they rang the doorbell. Extra patrol of the area was requested.

November 11th Village of Eland
A Spruce Street resident filed a trespassing complaint after hunters had hung some deer genitals on a tree on his property.

October 24th City of Appleton
A 48-year-old Detroit man told police that he returned to his hotel room after drinking in bars on College Avenue and was missing his roll of cash, estimated at $1,600, and said it may have fallen out of his pocket. Police retraced the man's route and discovered he had left the money on the bar at a downtown tavern and the money was being held for him.

October 31st City of Whitefish Bay
A North Santa Monica Boulevard resident called police to report a disorderly person during trick or treating. The caller told police that when she refused to give candy to a child not wearing a costume, the child’s mother yelled at her.

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