Monday, August 23, 2010


The City of Oshkosh last week unveiled its new tourism slogan, "Oshkosh...Wisconsin's Event City."
Wow. Really? Somebody got paid for that?
If only they has consulted The Rick and Len Show first. Here's our Top Ten Better Slogans for Oshkosh.

10) Oshkosh...Pretty much riot-free since 1995.

9) Oshkosh...Why?

8) Oshkosh...More than just the landfill and prison you see from the highway.

7) Oshkosh...You can't get here from there...and you can't get there from here, either.

6) Oshkosh...Stop by. We won't tell anyone.

5) Oshkosh...Not quite as pee-stained as Fond du Lac.

4) Oshkosh... The UW. And some bars.

3) Oshkosh...Appleton's wayside.

2) Oshkosh...Country USA, EAA...and 50 other weeks.

And the number one tourism slogan for Oshkosh that's better than "Wisconsin's Event City..."
Oshkosh...What happens in Oshkosh stays in Oshkosh. Because no one gives a rat's ass about what you did in Oshkosh.

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